Nothing Mean about Mean DAO

Aaron Fenton
4 min readNov 30, 2021

At the time of writing, there’s a new project erected in the crypto space seemingly on an hourly basis.

This one allows you to earn 2 trillion % on your funds”

“That one allows you to earn passive income if you own one of the NFTs

The claims go on and on to the Nth degree in both frequency and boldness.

The problem with DeFi?

Decentralized finance is not only set to shake up the world of finance but also is a fundamental step in allowing true custody and governance for individuals and their finances. THE ISSUE IS - most of the world is simply not interested in the technicalities of financial instruments, and once you couple that with poor UI/UX, you have pretty much lost the world audience to 0.1% APY in high street banks.

Enter Mean DAO

Despite its name, the Mean Finance protocol is anything but. Built on the Solana ecosystem the MeanFi app acts as a one-stop DeFi shop for those that wish to swap assets, manage their wallet portfolio, trade, transfer tokens worldwide, lending/borrowing, and the like. This is all done on a beautiful red and black themed web app with clean and easy-to-use functions.

This is not new. This is not unique. There are 273947 other DeFi projects that do exactly this, so why choose to do your crypto finance on Mean Finance?

Recurring Buys AKA DCA

The Mean Money streaming protocol allows users to automate both payments and swaps on a recurring basis by a simple one-click approval in their wallet. This not only allows users to Dollar Cost Average into their favorite cryptocurrency but it opens up the door for regular worldwide transfers to ANYBODY with a supported wallet. Simply by depositing funds into the protocol from your wallet OR debit/credit card you’ll be able to keep your international friends and family on the crypto payroll.

Payroll Services

Since you are able to set up recurring payments this now invites employers that wish to easily manage staff payments into the crypto space. The protocol tracks and displays the key payment details on each recipient and offers both a secure and impressive UX for businesses that are integrating into Web 3.0 while eliminating the need for outsourcing and potential information breaches.

Bridging from other blockchains

One of the biggest issues in the crypto space is that each blockchain has its own space, one, in particular, having astronomical transaction fees. Operating in one space to then moving from one chain to another can be extremely time-consuming and costly. The MeanFi protocol allows users to easily bridge funds from other blockchains via Allbridge to then deposit as collateral on the app. Currently, users can bridge both from the Ethereum and Polygon ecosystems but Binance and other chains are on the horizon #multichainbruh

MeanFi Custody

The crown jewel on the Mean Finance protocol. MeanFi custody invites both individuals and institutions to conduct secure transactions including advanced trading, traditional DeFi staking, and lending/borrowing assets. Currently, you must apply to use this feature fully but it’s set to open up the floor for those with small portfolios and those with huge books to transact both fairly and securely

So where are they today?

The MeanFi protocol is currently in beta HOWEVER pretty much all functions are available to use. Unlike many new projects in the space, they have managed to attract the attention of the brightest minds in crypto including 3 Arrows Capital. The DAO itself is being built out robustly and is remaining true to the essence of democratized governance, the opposite of mean quite frankly. With their Token Generation Event (TGE) just around the corner, the DAO is opening up a ton of opportunities for interested individuals to showcase their talents with chances of bounties, airdrops, and community roles all up for grabs.

We are excited about this one. Excited about this one we are!!

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